Line Speed

DSL Fast (2MB) –  ideal for up to 1 – 3 simultaneous users. From R135 per month!
DSL Faster (4MB) –  ideal for up to 4 – 5 simultaneous user From R210 per month!
DSL Fastest (10MB): ideal for 6 – 10 or more simultaneous users From R330 per month!

MFP DSL Capped

Our capped data gives you a set amount of GBs (gigs) per month, depending on the package you choose. Your choices are 100GBs, 200GBs, 300GBs bundles or you can pay per 1GB. Should you use all your GBs within the month, it’s no problem: you can easily top up with more. As the data is prepaid, you won’t experience any line speed issues due to line throttling of other users in the area!

Option 1: 100GB – Includes FREE 1000GB (00:00-05:00) From R399 per month!
Option 2: 200GB – Includes FREE 1000GB (00:00-05:00) From R599 per month!
Option 3: 300GB – Includes FREE 1000GB (00:00-05:00) From R799 per month!

MFP DSL Uncapped

Uncapped means that you have as much access to the internet as you want. The convenience of uncapped is that you don’t have to worry about running out of GBs. However, be weary of the line being throttled due to simutaneous use in the same area!

Option 1: Uncapped 2Mbps – Home From R370 per month!
Option 2: Uncapped 4Mbps – Home From R450 per month!
Option 3: Uncapped 10Mbps – Home From R625 per month!
Option 4: Uncapped 4Mbps – Business From R795 per month!
Option 5: Uncapped 10Mbps – Business From R950 per month!

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