Upgrade your internet with superfast MFP Fibre Optics!

Fibre means that your internet activity travels across a fibre optic cable which runs directly into your house or business. It uses flexible glass fibres to transmit data at such a speed that it astonishes the mind and tickles the brains taste buds. With Fibre there are also no more charges for line rental or any extra data usage. It is a completely independent and therefore the need for a voice line/ number is a thing of the past. It provides users with higher download and upload speeds so the Internet just got a whole lot bigger. We offer fibre to our clients as an Internet Solution. Sending or receive large files and need a connection that gets it done quickly? Fibre is for you. Fill in the short details form below to get your FREE quote for your area. If fibre is unavailable in your area, rest assure, we are constantly expanding our vast network and will be reaching you soon.

Why Choose Fibre?

Fibre was designed to deliver fast, uninterrupted and dedicated connectivity with high reliability for maximum performance. The Lightspeed network is expanding daily so if you’re tired of buffering, confusing bills, having absolute terrible connection or super slow download speed, give Fibre a try. The future awaits you.


  • High bandwidth and low latencies over a separate uncontended network
  • Superfast speed
  • Fully redundant network that is quick to activate
  • Scalable solution to grow as your business grows
  • 24/7 support offered


Get what you pay for…. dedicated fibre has synchronous line speeds (Upload and download speeds are identical), with no contention/traffic, throughout the whole day and night. Choose between 2Mbps or 400Mbps – You haven’t seen fast internet until you’ve seen fibre!

Is there Fibre availability in my area?

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