High-speed 130 ppm printing

Achieving 1000 pages printed in approx. 8 minutes, this surprisingly rapid rate will efficiently support your heavy paperwork requirements.

Quick master making mode

A new function, Quick Master Making mode, shortens the master-making time while still maintaining high image quality.

Heavy-load paper feeding

The paper feed tray has a capacity of 1000 sheets* for both feeding and receiving, which ensures uninterrupted printing over a longer period.

*When using the following weights of paper: 64 gsm to 80 gsm.

Overwhelmingly economical print costs

The SF E series makes prints from a master. The more pages generated from each master the lower the cost per print. This means you can benefit from highly economical large-volume printing in the long run.

Multiple page printing

Page layout printing combines multiple copies of the same page, or copies of multiple pages onto a single printed page to save paper. Conveniently condense bulky multiple-page documents in an easy-to-read format. These functions are available when using the printer driver.

Versatile paper handling capability

The SF E series plays multiple roles, accepting a wide range of paper types such as recycled paper, coarse paper, cards and envelopes.

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