Request a Toner


When you are low on toner simply place an order request through our online “Request a Toner” form.

When completing the form, all you will need is the MDF Device Serial Number and the Current Meter Reading. Then simply select which colours you would like to order.

The “Request a Toner” form is a simple and easy online tool to make managing your monthly toner orders more efficient.


    Software & Product Drivers


    MFP Office Automation group provides software and driver support for all the Printers, Copiers and CCTV Equipment that we offer. This means that you can access the software or drivers that you need right from our website.

    Simply follow the link to the relevant brand and you will be able to download the software that you need.


    Printer & MFP Drivers:


    CCTV Software:


    Request Assistance


    If you are experiencing a problem with one of our rental products or would like to make a maintenance request, please complete the online form below.

    There is no red-tape or call-centres to cause delays – report your issue directly from our website and one of our technicians will be in contact with you shortly.

      Why LTE?


      Want to go wireless? LTE allows for quick and easy activation to provide fast wireless Internet access for your business’ premises.

      LTE is specifically convenient for areas where Telkom’s copper cable required for DSL connections has been decommissioned or is not available.

      Browse our packages below to find the perfect wireless solution for your business.

      Yeastar Remote Management Software

      Built for Yeastar Devices including S-Series VoIP PBX, Cloud PBXK2 IP PBX, and Yeastar TA FXS VoIP Gateway, Yeastar Remote Management is  a centralized platform for easy management and configuration of your clients’ PBXs and gateway, giving you the power to quickly and securely take control without having to travel to the equipment. At a fraction of cost, you can access this amazing tool remotely to maximize ease of use for both yourself and your clients.  You can configure the customer’s PBX regardless of your location while you provide them with higher technical support. All remote connections are HTTPS secured. Moreover, every command is double checked by device connection authentication and role-based access control. You can review comprehensive logs and have total traceability.

      IN-Contact Support


      In Contact SupportIn-contact support includes a full onsite software program that enables our service desk to get “live” notifications of any error on your network printer.

      This service also includes remote IT support for any of our printers by one of our super technicians, without having to face any unnecessary chargeable IT call-outs. Therefore, there will be no surprise IT charges for the printer!

      There’s no need to phone or email us for replacement parts, toners or spares. You don’t even need to call if your printer has an error. We will be pre-warned by our nifty IT system that will automatically log a call for you.


      Added benefits include:

      Live onsite device monitoring

      • Automatic toner ordering.
      • Automatic monthly meter reading submission.
      • Automatic fault logging with service department.
      • Automatic consumable part ordering (drums, developers, fuser units etc, etc)

      Remote IT support (Teamviewer or Anydesk)

      • Printer Driver Installations or modifications.
      • Scanning errors.
      • Address book changes.
      • Trouble code resetting.


      Get Yeastar Linkus For Your Devices

      Linkus for Android

      Turn your Android smartphone to your office extension.

      Linkus for iPhone

      Take your company call on the go on your iPhone.

      Linkus for Windows

      Enjoy the unified communications app at your desktop.

      Linkus for Mac

      Bring unified communications to you Mac desktop.

      The Linkus now only works with Yeastar Cloud PBX version (or higher), S-Series VoIP PBX firmware version (or higher), and K2 IP-PBX firmware version (or higher). It can be tested with Yeastar Cloud PBX Free Trial. For S-Series users, please download the firmware here.