What is VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet to make telephone calls by sending voice data in a digital form using IP configurations and networking rather than by traditional telephone circuit transmissions.


The reason why VOIP has become so extremely popular, is that it keeps you connected with your friends, family, clients, suppliers AND cuts down on local, national, and cellular network call costs! 

MFP VOIP Benefits

  • Automatic Fail-Over
  • Pure Per Second Billing
  • Inter-Branch Calls : All inter-branch calls on the MFP network are free! If all of your branches or home-offices were on the MFP VOIP network, you’d never have to pay for a call within your linked offices again. What are you waiting for? Choose MFP VOIP today!

  • Average Call Savings of 50%
  • Number Portability: By porting your existing and advertised numbers through MFP, you won’t have to pay for costly Telkom lines and you can keep your existing phone number for life (which makes moving offices much easier). Savings all around!

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