Dahua DH-XVR1B08H-I


The Dahua DH-XVR1B08H-I security network video recorder harnesses the network capabilities required to run a quality, business security system for an office or business. The Dahua NVR offers dual-screen video compression with a maximum incoming bandwidth of 64mbps and up to 6-megapixel of quality video playback and up to 12 IP video camera channels at a time or 6 analogue channels. With massive storage potential and multiple HDMI/VGA input ports, the Dahua NVR security video recorder offers everything that you will need to get your business security system established and running.

This Dahua security network video recorder unit offers the following features:

  • 8 Channel Penta-brid 5M-N/1080p Cooper 1U 1HDD WizSense Digital Video Recorder
    • H.265+/H.265 dual-stream video compression
    • Supports Full-channel AI-Coding
    • Supports HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP video inputs
    • Max 12 channels IP camera inputs, each channel up to 6MP; Max 64 Mbps incoming bandwidth
    • Up to 8 channels video stream (analogue channel ) SMD Plus
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