Yeastar P-Series Cloud PBX


Benefits of a Cloud P-Series PBX System?

With a hosted PBX, your business phone will be based in the cloud. Setting up a hosted PBX system only requires signing up for the service and buying the actual phones or use your current IP phones.

This setup takes a few minutes rather than several weeks, and cloud-hosting enables you to easily add or turn off certain additional features. 

This means we offer : 

  • Cloud PBX's are best for growing offices or offices with multiple branches. 
  • Clients can choose to purchase the telephones upfront or to rent them on a monthly basis.
  • Our cloud PBX offering is month-to-month, meaning that we can expand or decrease the size of your telephone system as required.
  • With our Cloud PABX, you can transfer calls between multiple offices and your inter-branch calls are free.
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